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All drawings are Acrylic on archival paper.
Sizes are 30 x 40cm, unless specified otherwise.

Rock traditionally symbolizes steadiness, patience, strength, rigidity, permanence, and even immortality. On the other hand, it illustrates the contrasting reality of fragmented pieces disjoined from larger structures; broken, shaped, stressed, cracked, tumbled, smoothed, scarred, and even decayed, making them what they are today. They epitomize continual change through their countless millennia of existence. Two polar ideas.

Stones are common objects that have existed for eons, unnoticed, unconsidered, and quite possibly unvalued unless presenting a commercial use. But when seen as naturally formed, sculptural objects, shaped through the passing of time, a merging of two ideas takes place as hands lift them out of the earth, clean them, and polish them. Thus, they can be respected and admired for what they are rather than for what they can be made into. When this occurs, there is a moment when the temporal links with the immortal via the artistic appreciation of that material.

Smaller stones also have the ability to physically connect with the body, i.e., the hands. When turning the stone in one’s hands there is this very interesting way that it can fit perfectly. The union becomes a personal interaction between the individual and the stone. And when held long enough, bodily warmth is transferred to the object which is then radiated back. Flesh meets stone. The mortal joins with the immortal once again.