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Translated, "In Depth" is a group collaboration between myself and 3 other Polish artists


The project involves the juxtaposition of different artistic points of view toward nature, done so through a contemplative approach with a special emphasis on the aesthetic value of the work - be they graphic work, painting or sound.

Additionally, through various artistic techniques, the works form a dialogue between their creators. The project thus served not only as a springboard for discussions regarding the theory of natural phenomena, but more importantly it was a pictorial and audio dialogue in which the creators could communicate without words.

The fluidity of this communication is visible in the atmospheric layers of both the individual work as well as the entire project exhibition. This fluidity also means constant variation - initiated in 2014, new works still arise within the project, in addition to new participants.

Abstract forms and fragments of reality are isolated from the environment and subjected to a deep analysis of the painting. This analysis leads from one side to the simplification and synthesis of forms, reduced to the planes of color (Karolina Jaroslawska, Krzysztof Bartnik), but also becomes an excuse to present the actual structures in a thorough and realistic (Klaudia Ka), and also leads to a consideration of the essence things, their formation and dissolution (Chris Hernandez). Furthermore, layers of sound are used to create elements of ambience, isolationism and forms of noise (Adam Czarnecki).

The entire project is assembled in the form of spatial installations while also matching each work to songs or musical soundtrack. The viewer is surrounded by objects and situated in the meeting place for the artistic process and nature, similarly as if one was deeply emerged in the forest.

Techniques: oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, computer graphics, music, sounds

Artists: Krzysztof Bartnik, Adam Czarnecki, Chris Hernandez, Karolina Jaroslawska, Klaudia Ka

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