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Chris Hernandez is a Warsaw-based artist originally from Austin, Texas. Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1974, he attended Southwest Texas State University where he received his degree in Metalsmithing and Painting; Magna Cum Laude. Chris spent the following years living in Austin, Texas, building up a portfolio of works and adapting his artistic style and subject matter. Over the years he has taken on a more representational/narrative approach to his painting, utilizing the themes of geography and the physical forces of entropy, construction and deconstruction. He has been exhibited numerous times in the US and now Poland, and has been a featured artist in the New American Paintings publication, Vol 60 Western United States Edition. He was published again in the New American Paintings Anniversary Issue, 2010. Furthermore, he has been featured in Manifest Gallery’s 3rd International Painting Annual, 2013.
Chris now lives in Warsaw, Poland.

His drawings, paintings, collages and digital images explore common archetypes as well as the connections between geography, environmental forces and man.